Thursday, June 1st  7 PM
City of Asylum @ Alphabet City
40 West North Avenue
Pittsburgh, 15212

 FREE but Please RSVP

A Co-Presentation of Sembène – The Film & Arts Festival and City of Asylum


Writer/Director:  Ousmane Sembène

Country:       Burkino Faso
Languages: Jula (a dialect of Bambara) and French with English Subtitles
Year:  2004   Length:  124 minutes
“One of the most ardently feminist films of recent years.” – Time Out New York
Winner of the Cannes Film Festival (“Un Certain Regard”) (2004)

Best Foreign Film of the Year – National Society of Film Critics (2004)


“In the world of international cinema, there are still a few giants lumbering around. One of them is Ousmane Sembene, a writer, social activist, and film director from Senegal who practically founded African cinema, being the first to produce and direct independent films in the postcolonial era. Now, at over eighty years of age, he’s created what is possibly his most powerful work: Moolaadé. It deals with the controversial practice of female circumcision — a difficult and painful subject, but Sembene also expands the film’s vision to include the plight of modern Africa itself.”

                  – By Chris Dashiell, 2005 

The Film Forum aptly sets the stage for the film:
  “In a remote Burkina Faso village, the impending mass ceremony of female circumcision goes wrong as this year’s class of young girls jump down wells or head for the home of Collé, herself a holdout against tradition, and her red thread of sanctuary, the Moolaadé.”

Moolaadé was Sembène’s final film – part two of an unfinished trilogy that began with his 2000 film, Faat-Kiné.  It is at once a passionately critical look at an African practice of female genital mutilation that is practiced in more than 38 countries and a tribute to everyday heroism of African women (and men) against the tremendous internal problems facing modern day, post-colonial Africa.