Movie: Who Shot the Sheriff? Celebrating Bob Marley’s Birthday

Who Shot the Sheriff?

Celebrating Bob Marley’s Birthday

 Wednesday, February 6th @ 6:30 PM


621 N. Dallas Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15208

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Written by:   Jeff Zimbalist & Michael Zimbalist

Director:  Kief Davidson

Country:  Jamaica           Genre:  Drama         Length:  57 Minutes

Languages:  English and Patois


Synopsis (courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine)

Who Shot the Sheriff? – is both a revelatory and tightly focused film.  By examining a singular, central event in Reggae superstar Bob Marley’s life—a still-unsolved crime — director Kief Davidson takes advantage of the sort of built-in tension often lacking in many music documentaries.


On December 3, 1976, two days before Marley was to perform at a massive, open-air concert for 80,000 people in Kingston, Jamaica—a concert put together by then–Prime Minister Michael Manley in an attempt to simmer down the political tensions and gang violence engulfing the country—Marley along with his wife, Rita, and manager, Don Taylor, were shot at Marley’s home on Hope Road in Kingston by a small group of unknown assailants.  Marley’s wife and manager were seriously injured but made full recoveries, and though Marley himself was only grazed by bullets in his chest and arm, the message sent by the attack was profound.