Movie: Nigerian Prince



Nigerian Prince
 Saturday, February 16th @ 4:00 PM
621 N. Dallas Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15208
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Written by:   Andrew Long & Faraday Okoro
Director:  Faraday Okoro
Country:  Nigeria & USA               Genre:  Drama         Length:  108 Minutes
Languages:  English and Pidgin


Nigerian Prince, the electric debut feature film writer-director Faraday Okoro, offers a snapshot of a world not often seen on film, introducing the reality behind all-too-familiar junk-mail scams. Okoro’s film, anchored by uniformly strong performances, breathes cinematic life into characters that have previously only lurked in the shadows of the American imagination. – Loren Hammonds for Tribeca Film Festival
Synopsis (courtesy of FirstShowing.Net)


Synopsis (courtesy of FirstShowing.Net)

Nigerian Prince follows Eze, a stubborn first-generation Nigerian-American teenager, and his cousin, Pius, a desperate Nigerian Prince scammer. After Eze’s mother sends him to Nigeria against his will, Eze retaliates by teaming up with Pius to scam unsuspecting foreigners in order to earn money for a return ticket back to America. 

Nigerian Prince is directed by New York City-based Nigerian-American filmmaker Faraday Okoro.