Movie: Faat Kiné

8620d97e-de24-412c-b57d-753088b39b93Faat Kiné

Wednesday, November 7th @ 7:00 PM
Discussion Leader:  Author/Activist Herb Boyd
Alphabet City, 40 W. North Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15212

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 Faat Kiné is made possible, in part, thanks to the National Endowment for the Humanities

Faat Kiné
Writer/Director:  Ousmane Sembène
Genre:  Comedy/Drama     Country:       Senegal
Languages: French and Wolof with English Subtitles
Duration: 121 minutes        Year: 2001



“Faat Kiné marks a milestone in its director’s relentless struggle to create restorative images of Africa and to promote a new film language… A folktale masterfully oscillating between past, present and future.”  –  Samba Gadjigo, Official Biographer of Ousmane Sembène

 Faat Kiné is, from its first shot to its surprising last, Sembène’s tribute to what he calls the “everyday heroism of African women.”  In the opening frame, a procession of traditionally dressed women winds its way majestically through the hectic heart of modern Dakar. Faat Kiné lets them pass and drives on as she carries their story into the present. Sembène has said: “Africa’s society and economy are held together today by women. But how can women have these responsibilities and yet be denied the same privileges as men?”

Sembène looks at the relationship of gender, economics and power in the story of Faat-Kiné, who triumphs as a successful businesswoman and single mother in spite of being deceived and betrayed by three important men in her life:  her father who shunned her, her teacher who seduced her and abandoned her and her young daughter; and a local shyster, who swindles her out of her life savings.