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Written & Directed by:    Ousmane Sembène & Thierno Faty Sow

Genre:  Drama      Countries: Senegal, Algeria & Tunisia

Winner:  Special Jury Prize, Venice Film Festival, 1988.

“We are African. We are men” is the rallying cry and epitaph of the heroes of Camp De Thiaroye, Ousmane Sembène’s historical drama of Senegalese infantry soldiers who in 1944, fresh from fighting for the French in Europe and North Africa, were massacred by their colonial masters after being denied just payment for their service. – Bill Weber, Slant Magazine


Camp De Thiaroye is a true story that was hidden by the French colonial regime until this film.  In 1944, after defeating the Nazis and liberating Paris in World War II, a group of African soldiers – from all over West Africa – report to a transit camp near Dakar.  Many of the soldiers were prisoners of war of the Germans following the fall of France in 1940. 

But after the welcome ceremonies in Dakar, the soldiers were marched into what amounted to a P.O.W. camp.  A protest, leads to a mutiny.  And then things get tragically worse.